The purpose of the review process is to give an expert opinion regarding the manuscript's quality being considered. The review process in RCR should provide the authors and editors with the information on how to improve the article and make it publishable in a first-line journal.

Reviewers' task is to HELP the author and the journal staff to improve the manuscript.


Double-Blind-Peer-Review Process + Editor Review

Each article is reviewed by two respected and talented specialists on the topic who are part of the editorial board or who are contacted ad hoc, and by an editor. 

Ad-hoc reviewers and reviewers in the editorial board must have an excellent publication record.

If you are interested in participating as an ad-hoc reviewer, please, write to the editor:

If the article is finally published, reviewers are asked if they want to sign on the first page of the article. In our opinion, it is the best way to recognize the reviewer's effort to help authors to publish an excellent article. Of course, the authors are ultimately responsible for their article. Referees or the editors do not have to be in total agreement with the authors. Reviewers can pass the invitation and stay blind. 


Open-Review Process

Drafts are also made available to the scholar community in the open-access-reviewing process.


What is it about?

You can review the articles RCR is going to publish. You will be credited in the paper if the author improves his/her paper with any of your suggestions.


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