The Impact of Post-Pandemic Learning Loss on Education Development: A Systematic Review

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Ignacio Aguaded
Arantxa Vizcaíno-Verdú
Victoria García-Prieto
Patricia De-Casas-Moreno


The Covid-19 pandemic constituted a critical issue for education, impacting the teaching-learning processes. Educational institutions, families and teachers faced unique challenges to ensure quality education supported by the Internet and technology. This study aims to review the latest literature on learning loss in different contexts to understand how this phenomenon could potentially impact the educational development due to the lack of technological and digital possibilities for learning. We found that even though the learning loss occurred during periods of physical disconnection between teachers and students, the pandemic resulted in an unexpected shock in which the gap between them was digital. This study underlines the factors contributing to this digital learning loss, on which educational and governmental agencies should focus on media literacy to prevent the absence of technological resources, the limited involvement of the family, and the lack of digital competences of the citizenship.

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