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Volume 2, 2014
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Humans Are People, Too: Nurturing an Appreciation for Nature in Communication Research

Kory Floyd


Keywords: Biology, Evolution, Social Behavior, Neuroscience, Immunology


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Reviewing and Revising the Institutional Vision of U.S. Higher Education

Robert Abelman


Keywords: Institutional Vision; Mission Statement; Vision Statement; Organizational Communication; Strategic Planning; Institutional Rhetoric; Philosophical Template; Higher Education; Branding; Language of Institutions

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Psychology of Agenda-Setting Effects. Mapping the Paths of Information Processing

Maxwell McCombs & Natalie J. Stroud


Keywords: Agenda Setting, Attribute Agenda Setting, Public Opinion, Journalism, Motivated Reasoning, Issue Publics, Psychological Relevance, Need for Orientation, Selective Exposure

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Threat, Fear, and Persuasion: Review and Critique of Questions About Functional Form

Lijiang Shen & James Price Dillard


Keywords: drive model; parallel processing; EPPM; threat; fear; persuasion; latent growth curve modeling; health; influenza

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Narrative Research in Communication: Key Principles and Issues

Daniel G. McDonald


Keywords: Narrative; Persuasion; Mass Media Audiences; Mental Models; Mass Communication; Storytelling; Film Studies

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