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Volume 8, 2020
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Unintended Effects of Advertising: An Updated Qualitative Review

Jie Xu (Villanova University, USA)


Keywords: Unintended Effects; Advertising; Review;


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Reconceptualizing Cognitive Media Effects Theory and Research Under the Judged Usability Model

ByungGu Lee (Independent Researcher, USA)

Douglas M. McLeod (University of Wisconsin—Madison, USA)


Keywords: Media Effects; Cognitive Media Effects; Framing Effects; Agenda-setting; Priming; News Framing


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What the differences in conflict between online and face-to-face work groups mean for hybrid groups: A state-of-the-art review

Jessica Kahlow (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)

Hanna Klecka (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)

Erin Ruppel (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)


Keywords: Conflict; CMC; Online Groups; Hybrid Groups; Intergroup Communication; Organizational Communication; Review;

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Death-Related Grief and Disenfranchised Identity: A Communication Approach

Kendyl A. Barney (University of Montana, USA)

Stephen M. Yoshimura (University of Montana, USA)


Keywords: Grief; Bereavement; Communication; Death and Dying; Identity; Narratives;


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