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Long-Term Archiving


Each published article gets a DOI number and is saved in multiple open-access repositories to assure long term availabiliy.

The list of repositories is:

Internet Archive (Community Texts)

Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR)



We use DOI as an identification number that allows you to find our published articles in the Web. How does it work?

Did you notice that the suggested citations to the articles published by RCR finish with a string of numbers and letters? That is the article’s Digital Object Identifier (DOI), and it works as a unique identification code. A worldwide distinctive DOI is assigned to each of the articles when published by RCR. A DOI number system provides a mechanism to guarantee that articles remain accessible over time, even if a journal ceases publishing. It is so because DOI redirects toward where the article is available, for example toward an open access data base such as SSOAR or Internet Archive. Consequently, by using the DOI you are confident that all RCR articles will be available for as long as they might be useful, even in a century!



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